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Summer Camps 2017

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Art Explorers Camps: June 12-August 18, 2017

Spark your imagination with our great Visual & Digital Arts camps! Try your hand at film making with Pokemon Stop Motion Explosion, discover techniques of Special Effects and go to the max with EXTREME Art! Let your imagination run wild with Fantastic Beasts, Harry Potter, and Star Wars themed camps. Journey through time with Famous Faces/Famous Places and Great Designers of Art & Engineering. Draw, paint, & sculpt to your heart’s content! So many options, too few weeks of Summer fun! 

Terrific Scientific Camps: June 12-August 18, 2017

Spark the excitement of kids for SCIENCE, ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY with 40 different FUN, hands-on, minds-on camps in: chemistry, biology, digital games, robotics, programming, engineering, 3D printing, forensics, cooking, technology, medicine, astronomy, oceanography, and archaeology. Science was NEVER this much fun!


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2016 Annual Gift Making Camp

Registration is NOW OPEN! Don’t wait, we fill up every year!

Fee: $65 per Day. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT $175 for 3 day package! Ends October 31st!

The Gift of Art Camp:  November 21-23, 2016 (Monday-Wednesday before Thanksgiving)

Time: 9:00AM-3:30PM

Grades: 1st-8th

From exquisite drawings and paintings to intricate mixed media projects, and clay sculptures, your child will create original gifts of art for their loved ones. In this special camp, each day’s curriculum is different and includes a variety of art media and framed projects. Framing includes canvas panels with hangers, mat or metal frames, or intricate mounting on specialty paper, each chosen to ensure that your child’s art work will look its best for gift giving. Campers will design and decorate gift cards and bags for their art pieces. Bring snack, lunch and water.

Fee: Early Bird 3-day package $175; Individual days $65 p/day.

Flexible Schedule: Choose 1 day or all 3 days.

Location: Art Explorers Studio, 5370 H0llister Ave. Ste 2. SB. Located 2 blocks from the Patterson/Hollister Intersection.

Winter Break CAMP 2016!

Early Bird Discount $10 off per camp. Ends November 30th. Register soon!

Two Weeks:
December 19-23, 2016
December 26-30, 2016

Location: Art Explorers Studio, 5370 Hollister Ave. Ste 2, SB.

Enchanted Creatures Camp – Ages 5-7 (Kinder-2nd grade)
Cost: $310/5 day camp     Date: December 19-23

Calling all Fairies, Good-Fellows, Elves, Gnomes, Pixies, Brownies, and Sprites! Welcome boys and girls to our world of fantasy camp! Our daily ART projects include wishing wands, watercolor painting, creature houses, clay projects, and a variety of mixed media creations centered on the enchanting work of fairy tales! LOTS of artsy fun, reading, creativity and a photo fun day with keepsake collage! Dress up is highly encouraged.

Around the World in 5 Days! – Ages 7-12 (2nd-8th grade)
Cost: $310/5 day camp    Date: December 19-23

Grab your passport and head out on a bold ART adventure! Using clay, watercolor, acrylics, charcoal, oil pastels, sand art, scratch art, foil and metal, wood and paper, we will draw, paint, sculpt, and construct 2D and 3D art projects that span the globe. Inspired by prehistoric cave drawings as well as Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Pre-Columbian, African, North American and Australian cultures, campers create fun and exciting projects that bring together art and history from around the world! Some examples include: Stonehenge sculpture, Inuit wood burning, Aboriginal animal paintings, Mayan metal masks, Egyptian Scarabs and lots more!

Minecraft 3D Adventures – Grades: K-2nd grade
Cost: $305/5 day camp    Date: December 26-30

No experience needed! Think Minecraft is just a video game? Think again. Create, explore, and put your problem-solving skills to the test. Let’s pretend you’re alone in a mysterious new world, full of hidden dangers. You have only minutes to find food and shelter before darkness falls and the monsters come looking for you. What do you do? What we teach you might just save your life! Learn how to find resources; make a shelter; craft tools, armor, and weapons, and protect yourself from monsters. Campers also create their own adventure map as design, production, and test playing guide them. Campers learn how to work as a team as they take on the real-world jobs of programmer, game designer, artist, and architect. There are two modes of the game. The scenario above describes the survival mode. There is also a creative mode where there are no monsters and you will be able to fly around and have unlimited resources to build amazing creations and buildings. What kind of adventure you choose will be up to you! NO Minecraft account is needed for THIS CAMP as we have licenses ready for use. Just come and learn the basics, as well as advanced techniques and new strategies of this great game!

Minecraft™ 3D Supreme – Ages 8-14
Cost: $305/5 day camp    Date: December 19-23  AND  December 26-30

This camp is for beginners (ages 9+) AND veteran campers (8+) who have been playing Minecraft. We will group kids according to level. Minecraft™ has taken the world by storm with its block-building, digital game design that allows players to build, explore, create, collaborate, and even survive. With no set rules, you can build anything you can possibly imagine. During this 5-day adventure, campers will learn different modes of playing. They will use cool mods as they escape monsters, build amazing structures, create maps, mine the world under their feet, climb the tallest mountains, and utilize robotic “turtles” to manipulate the vast world around them. They will learn real coding techniques to program their turtles to accomplish tasks while working as a team with other campers to unleash their creativity! Campers take on the real-world jobs of programmer, game designer, artist, and architect. Creativity and problem solving…oh yeah!

NO Minecraft account is needed for THIS CAMP as we have licenses ready for use. Just come and learn the basics, as well as advanced techniques and new strategies of this great game! However, to play at home, you will need a Minecraft account. To purchase a standard account and desktop version of Minecraft™ ($26.95):

Creating Minecraft™ MODS – Ages 10-14
Cost: $305/5 day camp    Date: December 26-30

NOT for beginners! Gamers need experience with Minecraft, know how to save programs on a flash drive, are able to use the keyboard on a computer, and eager to learn coding.

In this fun and challenging camp, you will learn to create Minecraft Mods that you can add to your own Minecraft account at the end of the week! Did you know that Minecraft™ was built using Java™ code? During the week, you will learn programming skills and create custom code with Java™ as you explore variables, functions and other concepts. Take your problem-solving skills to the next level as you explore the dynamic world of Minecraft modding, build and customize fantastic worlds, craft recipes, add tools and blocks for your character, and learn new strategies to assist your survival and creativity.

PARENTS...Please remind your child that computer programming requires patience, trial and error experimentation, and a positive attitude to learning coding! Bring a flash drive the last day of camp.

All campers ARE REQUIRED to have a Minecraft™ account for this class. Purchase a standard account and desktop version of Minecraft™ ($26.95) at Campers MUST bring their LOGIN credentials to camp in order to launch their Minecraft account.








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